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Use that evidence race it around
... see, I finally apped someone where I don't have to say "I'M NOT *INSERT CULTURE HERE*" ANYWAYS

If you see me doing it wrong, feel free to comment here. Anon is on, Comments are screened, and IP logging is off. If you don't want to comment here, then feel free to message me in IRC, where I'll either be nicked to Spain, John^Brown, Turkey, or Banjou. I'll always be in hetaliachan, so if I'm not there, then I'm not online. Or you can email me at yahicecomedia at gmail.com!

November 2011
&Before I get my blood on you
Gonna try thread logging again.

America returns (FUCK YEAH)


Kondo Isao

Kizaki Banjou
The Idiot Boy Threesome and the Abandoned Tractor
Threads and fish

Morinozuka Takashi

Malik Al-Sayf
I still can't believe I can fly
Ema owes Malik a favor
Meeting dickband's boss
My douche arrives
Threaded to my douche

Superboy/Conner Kent
America's new bodyguard
Clone bonding

(no subject)
Then I'm done done on to the next one
classes are a thing that are happening

10:00 - 11:30 AM - Chicano History to 1910
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM - the Modern Middle East
2:30 - 4:00 PM - Public Speaking in Spanish

2:30 - 5:30 PM - Paris and Berlin since 1800
6:00 - 9:00 PM - Marching Band

10:00 - 11:30 AM - Chicano History to 1910
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM - the Modern Middle East
2:30 - 4:00 PM - Public Speaking in Spanish
5:30 - 8:30 PM - Screen Memories: Spanish Culture Through Film

6:00 - 9:00 PM - Marching Band

and various Saturdays will be spent at football games

(no subject)
And if you open up wide

it was open in a text file for a whole day while I poked at itCollapse )

I've played here HOW long? Since March 30, 2009, or 637 days
Overall Comment Count: 29, 109
Average Comments Per Day: 46 comments/day
Shortest Kept: Napoleon
Longest Kept: Spain
Most Played: Turkey (10, 435)
Least Played: for the moment, Malik, but he'll pass Jack soon enough
Highest Percentage: Alpha (100%)
Lowest Percentage: Malik (70.8%)
Number of successful apps: 11/12

[CFUTABLOID] Laffy Taffy
&Truth or consequence say it aloud
Alright, I think I have enough time to make this post before I leave.

I linked this to Joy, so hopefully he'll be here soon.

[CFUTABLOID] Handy Dandy Notebook
Use that evidence race it around
[What's inside Banjou's Handy Dandy Notebook? LET'S FIND OUT]

((things in "quotes" are what's actually written in the notebook. Everything else is his thoughts))

(no subject)
Another day has come and gone
and I thought I wouldn't spam the network...

but pie is awesome and confirmed for me that Banjou's first name is indeed Banjou, and not Kizaki. So let's just pretend that Banjou has been introducing himself like that since the beginning :|b

also, I have 35 icons of Banjou being injured. :|b

(no subject)
&He's ordinary
uploaded a buttload of icons, remade all my earlier icons, so past threads are now borked.

Also, someone please tell me I'm not the only one that things Banjou is insanely attractive when bloodied.

and might as well, JUMPING MEME

Spain is a country with a passion for tomatoes, small, cute children and... passion! Easy to lead around and probably manipulate too.

Turkey is a masked nation that will poke fun at you, then buy you ice cream afterwards. Loves sweets and beating up Greece (and since I don't want to spam the network even more, as an FYI, I'm going to work on his accent a bit so please ignore any changes in his manner of speaking for a while)

Alpha is a squeaky voiced puppy who loves orders and leading and is a dog that is faithful to his master, hiswifeahouse.

Kondo Isao is from AU!Japan that was invaded by aliens and is an alternate version of Kondo Isami, the commander of the Shinsengumi. A stalker and is often mistaken for a gorilla.

Banjou Kizaki is a teenage boy who used to be able to see the future in photographs. He still works to stop disasters from occurring and is not worried about dying since it's prophesied that he'll die when he's 20. A derp and loves takoyaki.

Napoleon Bonaparte is the clone of the French emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte I. Good at pool and fencing, he's starting to question what exactly he's going to do in life.

Banjou's Canon Injuries, PART 2
Use that evidence race it around
I finally got off my ass and did this. This will contain spoilers for the ending of Ann Cassandra.'

Hurting hurting hurtingCollapse )

(no subject)
Use that evidence race it around

Spain + Turkey:
- Sat out the major fighting. They stayed in the Mess Hall to help guard and felt totally useless. They wanted to be out there fighting the cultists and mutants, but couldn't since... countries and people here are more powerful then them. So yeah, they're going to be trying to do a lot more now to get rid of those feelings of uselessness
- Spain is wondering if he can raise fighting bulls now (and real cows makes things better for when I finally deage Spain again)
- Spain also wants to start a tomato patch now
- Turkey feels like going to sleep for like a day, then he'll probably get to work on a barn or something

- guarded Carl
- vaguely wonders if Dug is alright and wonders why the hell Dug would leave master

- also took up guard duty in the Mess Hall, mostly because Sougo was there bother Kagura, but also because the cultists and mutants were scary as fuck
- is going to go into the cornfields to look for Toshi and train a whole lot

- Is going to pass out in the hospital or Cat's Eye for about a couple days, after he makes sure that all his friends are all right
- but before he passes out, he's going to have talks with Kida and Bekku. When Bekku had a vision in Masque's basement and reacted horribly to it, he told Kida about their abilities. I should probably essay a bit on this later.
- The last person he's going to check on is Bekku, mostly because he really wants to kiss her now that this is all over.
- This whole plot made him want to officially make Bekku his girlfriend even more.
- Hey, I always wanted to see if you could really tip a cow (I call dibs)

Overall, they're alive and glad that this whole thing is over. Now time to rebuild, relax, and get some rest