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Banjou's Canon Injuries, PART 2
Use that evidence race it around
I finally got off my ass and did this. This will contain spoilers for the ending of Ann Cassandra.'

- big ass chandelier falls on him while he's protecting Chiasa
- construction supplies cut him while Cassandra tries to stop him from getting the Seal mask

- saved Bekku and Chiasa from a bear and from falling off a cliff and from getting ran over by a bus
- SHOVED IN THE FACE BY BEKKU so she can pick a lock and prove a point to me :|b
- caught in an explosion… again

- Cassandra breaking my arm through Bekku 8|
- hit with I beams thrown at by Cassandra
- beat up by Cassandra through Bekku
- nearly strangled by Cassandra

It's the other way with Banjou~

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