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(no subject)
And if you open up wide

Spain from "Axis Powers Hetalia" (nooneexpectsthe)

App Percentage: 92.2%
Played From: March 30, 2009 to present
That's How Long? a year and nine months
Total Comments: 6,420
Overall Pecentage: 22.06%
Reason For Apping: I had been stalking CFUD for several years and desperately wanted in. The Hetalia cast was growing, was fabulous and I wanted to be a part of it. At first, I was going to app America, but then… America apped! And then I thought about apping England, but I couldn't get into his voice that well, so I ended up deciding to app Spain. So I wrote his app during the apping window and sent it in with a minute to spare, un-beta'd. It got voted out and I was pretty embarrassed about that app, but I decided to try again! The next time, I wrote his app a month before the window, got it beta'd and I got in! And in that time between apps, I pretty much figured out that Spain was my soul animal forever. You can pry this character from my cold dead hands.
Select Option 3? someday before his two year anniversary, I will finish his new icons.

John Brown from "Ghost Hunt" (brownunder)

App Percentage: 93.5%
Played From: June 28, 2009 to April 24, 2010
That's How Long? almost a year!
Total Comments: 1,170
Overall Pecentage: 4.02%
Reason For Apping/Dropping: I started Ghost Hunt aaaaaages before I apped, but I never finished the series. Then Prussia apped Naru and ninja'd Bekku, who was playing Mai at the time. I had so much fun being in on the ninja that I decided to ninja her too. I remembered liking John Brown, so I decided on apping him. I read through the series and ended up loving John. I was so set on ninjaing Bekku, but about a week before apps, I wussed out since I was having a lot of trouble writing his app and cried at Bekku to help me.

I knew it was his time to go after the IRC Demonverse game. I had so much fun during that and knew that nothing could really top that. Plus, Black*Star was dropped and at that point, I was pretty much only playing John with him and Juliet. I still regret his drop, and if I re-apped anyone, I would love it to be him, but I'm content to just leave him at home for the moment.
Select Option 3? I still love his relationship with Black*Star, also GOD BLESS THIS HOSE

Turkey from "Axis Powers Hetalia" (andallthefixins)

App Percentage: 89.6
Played From: July 11, 2009 to present
That's How Long? a year and half-ish!
Total Comments: 10,435
Overall Pecentage: 35.85%
Reason For Apping: SO IN HETALIACHAN, we were discussing turkey sandwiches one day, and I randomly said that if anyone apped Turkey, his job should be "Thanksgiving Dinner" and… it progressed from there. I honestly did not think I would keep Turkey this long, or that he would become my primary for such a long time. I still love him, even if I don't play him as much as I used to. I've learned so much about Turkish culture and history just by playing him and I opened myself up to a whole new world. He's another character you can pry from my cold dead hands.
Select Option 3? the mask stays on 8)

Kizaki Banjou from "Ann Cassandra" (haspinkglasses)

App Percentage: 76.0%
Played From: August 3, 2009 to sometime in September
That's How Long? a month
Total Comments: about 100
Overall Pecentage: derp
Reason For Apping/Dropping: I had read his canon on Wednesday, decided to app him on Thursday, wrote the app on Friday. Sat around not playing him for about a month, made one post and decided to drop. I wasn't playing him and he was the kind of character that deserved to be played a lot and I was still in Turkey mode! I really regretted that drop a lot.

Jack Fenton from "Danny Phantom" (fentonusername)

App Percentage: 88.1%
Played From: November 14, 2009 to April 13, 2010
That's How Long? five months
Total Comments: 340
Overall Pecentage: 1.17%
Reason For Apping/Dropping: Near sent me her Vlad app to beta the day before apps. I told her that her app made me want to app Jack. She told me to app Jack. I said okay. I wrote the app the next day , had it beta'd and sent it in. I dropped Jack because I wasn't playing him and Near was dropping Vlad.
Select Option 3? #emergencyham is the best chan name I ever came up with

Alpha from "Up" (shamedbythecone)

App Percentage: 100% what
Played From: December 13, 2009 to present
That's How Long? a year!
Total Comments: 2,949
Overall Pecentage: 10.13%
Reason For Apping: I watched Up the week before and then watched Dug's Special Mission the day before apps. I fell in love with Alpha and knew he had to be mine. I wrote the app at midnight, sent it in at 2:30 AM and went to sleep. I STILL DON'T KNOW HOW THAT APP GOT 100%. But the squeaky voiced puppy became mine and I didn't care. Also I ninja'd Dug and all was good. Germany was in on me apping because she enabled me. IN FACT. I revealed right when hetaliacast was skypeing. If I remember right, it went like this:
me: Hey Dug, it looks like your bully got in.
Dug: They did, I wonder who it is.
me: [reveals in chan] Look in chan.
Dug ................... i hate you.

Select Option 3? I bought an Alpha plushie from the Disney store. It talks. It is the best purchase I have ever made.

Kondo Isao from "Gintama" (marrymeotaesan)

App Percentage: 88.7%
Played From: February 20, 2010 to present
That's How Long? ten months
Total Comments: 995
Overall Pecentage: 3.42%
Reason For Apping: So after spending about six months in Gintama chan, I finally decided to start watching the show. I decided to start with episode 8, since it was the first one that had Hijikata and I ADMIT I WAS SHALLOW AND ONLY STARTED WATCHING BECAUSE TOSHI WAS HOT. But episode 8 was also Kondo's intro ep. I loved the man within the first five minutes. I knew that the gorilla had to be mine in ten minutes. I kid you not, when Kondo came out on screen dressed for in his underwear with a scuba mask, flippers, and holding a tennis racket, saying he loved tennis and scuba diving, I went into balls chan and said "everyone back off, Kondo is mine."
Select Option 3? I PLAY THE GORILLA JOKE TOO MUCH IN MY OPINION but i love it and i don't care so there :P

Kizaki Banjou #2 from "Ann Cassandra" (haspinkglasses

App Percentage: 93.9%
Played From: April 10, 2010 to present
That's How Long? eight months
Total Comments: 2,984
Overall Pecentage: 10.25%
Reason For Apping: SO I STARTED OUT THE NIGHT WANTING TO APP CLAIRE STANFIELD. Except I was having too many problems writing that app so I put it aside and went to plan B: Napoleon. Then I started having problems writing that app. Then I went, "You know, I have permission to app, and I don't want to waste it. Who could I app?" Then I realized I COULD RE-APP BANJOU. I started rereading Ann Cassandra at 10:30, started the app at midnight, then had it beta'd and sent it in with three minutes to spare. Now he's mine again and I'm never letting him go.
Select Option 3? I still find him hotter when he's injured.

Napoleon Bonaparte from "After School Charisma" (heightruled)

App Percentage: 92.2%
Played From: June 19, 2010 to October 29, 2010
That's How Long? four months
Total Comments: 2, 113
Overall Pecentage: 7.26%
Reason For Apping/Dropping: I still wanted to app Napoleon! I love the cloned emperor and wanted to get him to grow a lot past the whole "I MUST EXCEED MY ORIGINAL" thing the series had going on. Since the series didn't show Napoleon fighting it at all! Then I did and it was magic. He was sorta adopted by the English dragons and I loved every minute of it. But I had to drop him because I wasn't getting him out anymore and I had accomplished what I set out to do. So I sent him off to England to be a part of Iskierka's crew after kidnapping Joan of Arc.
Select Option 3? Shit is going down in canon and it makes me want to re-app :(

Morinozuka Takashi from "Ouran High School Host Club" (myshoutacake)

App Percentage: 88.1%
Played From: September 18, 2010 to present
That's How Long? two months
Total Comments: 1,443
Overall Pecentage: 4.96%
Reason For Apping: BACK IN LIKE MARCH, Luffy PM'd me asking me if I liked Ouran and if I would app it. I told her I did and that I wanted to app it, but all I needed was a Honey since I wanted to app Mori. She told me to check the beta post. AND A PLAN WAS SET IN MOTION that wouldn't come to fruition until Luffy came back from moonland. Mori is my favorite character of all time and he is mine forever.
Select Option 3? cold. dead. hands

Malik Al-Sayf from "Assassin's Creed" (bluefalconed)

App Percentage: 70.8%
Played From: November 18, 2010 to present
That's How Long? a month
Total Comments: 260
Overall Pecentage: 0.89%
Reason For Apping: Back in September, America got me into the series. I finished number one in a month, then finished number two just after apps opened. I was thinking about apping Leonardo, but he's too much like my other characters that I worried that there would be too much overlap. I decided to app Malik because I love him, I love the development that he went through during the game and he was a different sort of character that I was used to playing. And I wanted him to be mine somewhere and I wanted to app from the games because I love America and the games :(
Select Option 3? He's not a spammer, so I have no problems with him being a backburner/secondary character for me.

I've played here HOW long? Since March 30, 2009, or 637 days
Overall Comment Count: 29, 109
Average Comments Per Day: 46 comments/day
Shortest Kept: Napoleon
Longest Kept: Spain
Most Played: Turkey (10, 435)
Least Played: for the moment, Malik, but he'll pass Jack soon enough
Highest Percentage: Alpha (100%)
Lowest Percentage: Malik (70.8%)
Number of successful apps: 11/12

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Do you know how many people watch Gintama because Toshi is hot. Or because Gintoki is hot/hilarious (hilarihot?).

I am the only person who started because I saw Elizabeth and Katsura and went "WTF IS THAT DUCK."

ANYWAYS ♥♥♥♥ commanderrrrr

stop being so hot Toshi, you make things very difficult sometimes (I RESISTED AN URGE TO BE HORRIBLE HERE, be grateful ♥)



I started Gintama because of Toshi ;o;

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